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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tomato Bisque and Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt

What do you do when you are handed a flat of sun ripened tomatoes?  ....you cook!

We received at least 50 ripe tomatoes and did not want them to go to waste...so we made soups and sauces.  These are perfect to freeze into individual portions and will keep for 2-3 months.

Our first creation was a warm tomato bisque soup.  This made about 2 quarts of soup.

1)  1 large sweet onion
2)  4 cloves of garlic
3)  2 sprigs of rosemary
4)  2 tablespoons of coconut oil
5)  1 1/2 cups of cream cheese
6)  Sun Ripened Tomato sea salt
7)  20-24 small to medium sized ripe tomatoes


In a large pot place two tablespoons of coconut oil and saute the large sweet onion (diced) and garlic (diced) until translucent.  Add in the sprigs of rosemary and heat until they soften.  Set aside while you prepare the tomatoes.

The tomatoes are going to be blanched in boiling water for 3-4 minutes and then shocked in a bowl of cold ice water so skins can easily be removed.  Once the skins are removed roughly chop the tomatoes and add to the pot with the onions and garlic.  Cook to soften the tomatoes and then use a puree stick to puree all ingredients together.

Reduce soup for 15-20 minutes on low - medium and then add your cream cheese.  Puree all together and you are ready to serve.

We feature this soup with Sun Ripened Tomato sea salt and sometimes add a pinch of Ghost Pepper for some heat.


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