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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grilled Burger and Pineapple Finished with Smoked Serrano Sea Salt

It's grilling time again!  Wait, has it ever stopped?  Not  at our house.  We grill in all sorts of weather.

However, I had been in the kitchen for so many days and it seemed the right time to get outdoors, open the grill and chill outside while the children played.

I had picked up two fresh pineapples the other day and grilling them sounded like a fantastic thing to do...then came to mind a grilled seasoned hamburger on top of this would be even better!

Hamburger Ingredients:

1)  2 lbs ground round.  If I can purchase grass fed, I do...if I can't find that I will ask the butcher to freshly grind a piece of round.  That way I am assured it came from only one cow.
2) 1 medium onion finely grated, I used a food processor to get this job done with less tears
3) 1 bunch of chopped parsley
4) 2 cloves of garlic minced
5) 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
6) 1 teaspoon of sea salt


Marinade the meat for a minimum of 3 hours, longer is always better.  Get your grill hot and grill the burgers to sear all sides and then turn down to low-medium.

While they are simmering on one side of your grill, get ready to grill some pineapple rings!  Slice your pineapple in 1/2 inch rings.  Place rings on a hot grill and cook until soft and lightly brown char is achieved. If your pineapple is not as ripe, you may have to add a little bit of coconut oil to the rings prior to grilling.  This will help with the cooking process and allow the pineapple to cook without burning.

To plate, place a piece of grilled pineapple on the plate and glaze with balsamic (optional) and dust with Smoked Serrano sea salt (this salt pairs extremely well with pineapple).  Next, top your burger on the pineapple and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and another sprinkle of Smoked Serrano sea salt!

The flavor combinations go so well together!  Enjoy!

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