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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Salt Bowls...A Dining Experience!

Salt Bowls can go by several names including, salt cellars, salt dishes, salt dips and open salts.  The salt bowl (cellar) was a vessel used to store salt until the invention of the salt shaker in 1858. 

There was a time when salt bowls played an important role on the dinner table.  Salt in the 19th century and before was considered an expensive commodity, salt was seen as a luxury and it was the well-to-do that made salt bowls (cellars) quite fashionable and a status symbol for the home.  A single salt cellar sat at the head of the table and was passed around throughout the meal.  The closer you sat to the salt bowl (cellar), the more important one was deemed by the head of the household.  Small salt bowls (cellars) with an open top became a part of Victorian table settings.  

Since the 20th century when salt was no longer a luxury and when anti caking agents were added to make salt free flowing the salt bowls (cellars) began to fall out of fashion and the salt shakers became popular.  These bowls were used at the table until World War II, until they were permanently replaced by salt shakers.

Although salt mills & salt shakers will always have a place at the table and in the kitchen, Old City Salts believes that the salt bowls (cellars) can once again grace your dining table for family and guests… adding a special and unique statement to your meals.  

Experiment with them on your whole, fresh foods and experience life with flavor!  

All bowls are made by us!  We have an artist as a co-owner and that would be Karyl!  Everyone of the bowls will be unique, signed and one of a kind! 

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