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Old City Salts
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunchoke Chips 'Simply Elevated'!

Are you avoiding processed potato chips, but crave them like I do?

Are you adventurous and love to try new things?  Then sunchokes are something you should definetely experiment with!

They are a cross between a potato and a rutebaga, only richer, nuttier and sweeter.

They might be a little intimidating to look at, but they are just as easy to work (just like potatoes).  Just scrub the outer side, peel any spots you feel uncomfortable with and then treat like a potato!

I love potato chips and I do not eat them anymore because I react to the specific starch in potato, BUT not in these little gems!

I scrub and peel (as necessary) and then thinly slice.  I heat up a large pan with coconut oil and then throw these lovely slices in the hot coconut bath!  

Turn and watch them...once they turn golden brown strain them on a plate with a paper towel.  

Sprinkle with any of the blended sea salts:  We love Ghost Pepper, Spanish Rosemary, Sun Ripened Tomato, Thai Ginger and Smoked Serrano...just really depends on our mood or what we are serving them with!


  1. I'm gonna try these because I love potato chips too, but haven't had any in a long time.

    1. They are very interesting! I loved them and they were so good with the different salts. Let me know how yours turn out!