Old City Salts

Old City Salts
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Old City Salts

This is a story of a Mother and Daughter business venture that was developed by both of our passions for whole, real food.

We started Old City Salts in our heads November 2012 out of a desire to 'Simply Elevate' our fresh, whole foods!  We are thrilled to be starting Old City Salts in the "Old City" of Saint Augustine, FL.

We have been on a whole food diet for a long time and we have developed a strong passion to treat whole fresh ingredients with respect.  We like to honor the freshness and quality of the food with an equally amazing and natural seasoning...hence Old City Salts gourmet sea salt blends.  

We are huge supporters of local farmers and farmer's markets. We opened up for business January 2013 and immediately partnered with Local Fare, a local farm bag delivery service, in Saint Augustine, FL.  

Our goal is to spread awareness of eating from local, fresh sources and to season responsibly. We have a line of 8 gourmet blended sea salts and many more to come.  

We are enthusiastic about showing our customers how to use these finishing salts with fresh, whole ingredients.  You can find photos of our finished dishes along with short recipes on how to execute and finish these dishes on Facebook, our Blog, Pinterest and Instagram.  We hope to show you that you can really simply elevate your fresh, whole ingredients with fewer steps, fewer ingredients and fewer dollars. 

We are so glad to connect with all of you that are currently in our community and we encourage you to share the news!

Here is to Experiencing Life with Flavor!

Warmest Regards,
Karyl and Stephanie
Old City Salts

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