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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Treat Simple, Fresh, Whole Ingredients

Here at Old City Salts we are passionate about using simple, fresh, whole ingredients that are preferably obtained from your local farmer.

Now just as important as picking a fresh ingredient is how you treat that ingredient.  Pay close attention to how you cook and season each ingredient to keep the integrity of the food.  

There are harsh cooking methods that can degrade the ingredient and minimize the available nutrients.  We do not favor microwaving in any instance and generally avoid high heat cooking.  Several methods that are favorable are: poaching, steaming, baking, simmering, sauteing, roasting and don't forget a lot of vegetables are best served raw!

The next thing to consider when preparing your fine, fresh, local ingredient is what you add to the cooking process.  You do not want to adulterate the product with chemicals, synthetic ingredients and flavors.  A lot of store bought seasonings contain preservatives, msg and other additives that are counter to your fresh whole ingredient.  

Also, pay close attention to the oils you use if sauteing, broiling, roasting etc. because several oils lose their benefit at high heat and can be harmful.  Organic coconut oil can withstand high heat and lends a very subtle flavor.

Old City Salts does believe that every dish deserves the best sea salt!  

As a general rule, you get the most from your food, and from your gourmet sea salt, by using as little salt as possible during cooking, then sprinkling your food with a Finishing Salt at the end.  We have a line of Finishing Salts that add something special when sprinkled on food.  Some of these finishing salts can be used as cooking salts to meld the flavor into the dish.  

A good Finishing Salt has unique mineral, moisture and crystal qualities that play off your food to create more flavor, better texture and new beauty!

Old City Salts is on a mission to promote the use of local, farm fresh, ingredients with simple, whole, fresh sea salts!

Our salts go a long way...you do not need a lot to get the punch and flavor you are seeking.

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