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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt!

The word Rosemary is derived from the Latin words ros (dew) and marinus (sea). 

Rosemary is actually a bush perennial that grows in abundance in the Mediterranean area ( Spain, Italy, Portugal, Southern France, Greece and North Africa as well as in isolated areas of Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt). It is one of the most common aromatic wild plants of the Mediterranean landscape, especially in rocky limestone hillsides adjoining the seaside.

Our Spanish Rosemary is an all natural sea salt that packs a punch of flavor and brings you that fresh  from the 'Herb Garden' experience.  

Rosemary is one of the most commonly used herbs in Italy especially for roast lamb and kid. Italians have a passion for rosemary and you will see it in many of the true Italian recipes. If you go to an Italian butcher shop and order lamb they will include several sprigs of rosemary with the meat. Rosemary is discreetly used in French, Greek or Spanish cooking. 

A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary.  Be creative and add Spanish Rosemary sea salt to any dish to give it heightened flavor and that fresh from the garden flavor.   A little goes a long way...

Uses: Roasted vegetables, meats, salads, pasta, bread dipper (w/olive oil)
Ingredients: Sea salt, Rosemary
4 oz for $13.99 or 1 oz for $3.50  

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