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Old City Salts
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Birth of Old City Salts

I am ecstatic about the amount of social media outlets that allow us to educate and help people find more natural ways to feed, cleanse and beautify our bodies.  

It is a powerful source and I am so thankful it is there!

I fought years to regain my health in a natural way after being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto immune disorder, at 28 years old.   

I struggled and worked with a naturopath for years and my efforts paid off and I was able to regain my health.  Once healthy, I was able to conceive easily, which I couldn't in the past.  

I am 43 year's old now and I was 37 and 38 when I gave birth to my two little girls.   Pregnancy and delivery was hard on me due to two c-sections due to spinal problems.  All of my health strides were erased and I developed new symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.  I did not give up and I finally found the GAPS diet which led me back to a place of health and less pain.  

My children also had severe issues due to my being drugged during surgery, aftercare medication and pre-existing gut issues passed onto them.  My eldest daughter had severe eczema and my youngest had diarrhea for a year.  We have turned the corner and we are all on a path back to health by eating a diet of whole, fresh, local organic foods (REAL FOOD) and by following the GAP protocol.

Ever since then I am on a mission to promote local farming, whole fresh foods and to properly store, cook and season these whole fresh ingredients to maintain the highest quality product that is being ingested by our families.  

I was educated as a Chemical Engineer and have made a 180 degree turn towards pulling plants out of the ground versus pulling products out of a plant!

Long story short along my journey Old City Salts was conceived to compliment local farm fresh ingredients and to season these awesome ingredients without chemicals, preservatives, fillers and dyes.  

We not only want to offer seasonings, but we want to educate consumers on the importance of choosing fresh, whole local ingredients and treating them responsibly.  We want to support the movement and make a difference.

We started business January 2013 and we are a very new company.  We are finding our place in the social media arena and we have partnered with our first local farm bag provider in Saint Augustine, FL:  www.localfarefarmbag.com.   We want to partner with people, farmers, bloggers and organizations that are promoting the same message.  In the future, as we grow we would like to set up a fund that gives back a set amount of money to a needy farmer or new grower that needs help in getting started.  

We feel it is our duty to aid this movement and be a part of it's growth.

Stephanie and Karyl ~ Old City Salts

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