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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fresh Vegetable Dip Simply Elevated!

We received several bunches of organic carrots and spinach the other day from local farms.  It is so amazing to see the carrots with fresh dirt on them and long green fresh stems!

This recipe came about because we were invited to a get together with friends and I wanted to bring an appetizer.  I had the carrots and spinach starring me in the face...

My thought was to make a quick vegetable dip!  This was so easy and quick to make.  It is extremely healthy and it is a great way to consume vegetables raw. 

1)  3-4 carrots
2)  1 large bunch of spinach
3)  3-4 cloves of garlic
4)  8 oz package of cream cheese
5)  Extra virgin olive oil
6)  Sun Ripened Tomato sea salt or Ghost Pepper for some heat.  


In a nutri bullet or powerful blender add 2 carrots, garlic cloves and a handful of fresh spinach.  Add in the cream cheese and enough olive oil to puree the mix to a creamy consistency.  

Take the left over carrots and spinach and hand chop into small pieces to add texture to your dip.  Season with one of Old City Salts gourmet sea salt blends to 'Simply Elevate' this dip!  We used Sun Ripened Tomato sea salt and a little of the Ghost Pepper to give it a little heat!

Get creative!

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