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Monday, April 22, 2013

Steak and Cauliflower two ways!

Here at Old City Salts we get a lot of local farm fresh ingredients to cook with...and we are always looking for a great protein to add to these wonderful whole fresh vegetables.

The other day we received several large heads of cauliflower, both dark yellow and the white variety.  Decided to cook them two ways and add a nicely iron pan seared flank steak.

1)  2 large heads of cauliflower (any variety)
2)  1 bulb of garlic
3)  Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil
4)  1 stick of grass fed butter
5)  1 cup of cream cheese
6)  1 large flank steak
7)  Smoked Serrano sea salt


Roasted cauliflower - wash and break into florets of cauliflower.  Arrange on a baking tray and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.  Chop garlic cloves in half and add to the mix.  Season with Smoked Serrano sea salt and broil in the oven at 425 degrees until softened and lightly browned.

Creamy mashed cauliflower - This is a lovely version of a creamy mashed potato.  Wash and break into florets and add to a large pot of boiling water.  Cook until tender with a fork.  Drain all water and add in the cream cheese and butter.  Mix well with a blender and serve with a drizzle of olive oil on top and season with one of Old City Salts gourmet blended sea salts.  We used Smoked Serrano on these as well!

We paired these lovely cauliflower dishes with a well marinated and seasoned flank steak that we seared on top of the stove in a cast iron skillet!  These dishes pair well with just about any protein.

Enjoy creating fantastic simple dishes with cauliflower and Old City Salts!

Bon Appetit!

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