Old City Salts

Old City Salts
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Warm "Hello"...

"Bread that this house may never know hunger,
salt that life may always have flavor. "
~It's A Wonderful Life,(movie)1946

Welcome to Old City Salts of Saint Augustine, FL.  We have had this concept in our minds for some time and with passion and drive we have arrived!

Our mission is to provide high quality, gourmet blended sea salts to "simply elevate" fresh, whole, local ingredients for the home cook, as well as, gourmet chefs!

Please feel free to browse our website for detailed information on each gourmet blended sea salt and it's potential uses.  Our vision is the food and how to elevate simple ingredients.  We show you how to best use these salts to their full potential.  

Each salt has it's unique flavor and is heightened when combined with the right, simple, whole, fresh ingredient!  We are here to help guide you in exploring this amazing world of flavored salts and whole foods.

This blog will take you on a journey of "simply elevating" your next dish in a simple and enjoyable way!  

Come along with us and experience life with flavor!

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