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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tomato Herb Spaghetti Squash and Savory Sausage

I cannot get enough of spaghetti squash!  It is so versatile and takes on whatever flavor you want to throw on it.  I prefer mine al dente aka slightly firm and not mushy.

I was pondering what to do with it this evening when my husband came home with a bag of fresh out of the garden cherry tomatoes!  What better than to saute these beautiful red balls with fresh rosemary, some sea salt and mix it into the tasty golden squash strands!


1)  1 whole spaghetti squash
2)  15-20 cherry tomatoes
3)  Fresh rosemary sprigs (2-3)
4)  2 tablespoons coconut oil or olive oil 
5)  2 tablespoons of organic grass fed butter
6)  Spanish Rosemary or Smoked Serrano sea salt
7)  4-6 sausage (your choice)


Wash and split your spaghetti squash in half.  You can dig the seeds out prior or after cooking.  I prefer to pull them out after.  Place the cut sides down in a large pan with about 1/2 cups of water.  

Cover and bake in an 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Remove and scrape out center with seeds.  Once cooled a bit so you can handle them, take a fork and gently scrape out the strands.  Arrange them on a large platter or bowl.

Wash and cut cherry tomatoes in half.  Saute tomatoes in oil with the fresh sprigs of rosemary.  Don't overcook, just get the juices flowing in the tomatoes.  Approximately 4-5 minutes.  At this stage, I add two tablespoons of organic grass fed butter to the pan to melt and add extra richness and flavor.

Combine the herby tomatoes into your gorgeous spaghetti strands and you have an amazing side dish or main meal.  

I take it to another level of flavor and elevation by adding a pinch or two of Old City Salts sea salt blends.  Many would work well here, but I choose Smoked Serrano for tonight.  If you prefer adding some more heat, I would suggest the Ghost Pepper.  The Spanish Rosemary or Sun Ripened Tomato will add another punch of garden flavor to this dish and is exceptional choice as well.  

Best part is you can make a standard dish like spaghetti squash take on any flavor profile you like with a dash of seasoning salt.  

This was a side dish of mine tonight because I came across some freshly made chicken sausage from the local Fresh Market and had to give them a try.  On the plate this evening and paired with my squash was a white wine and herb sausage along with a portabella and cheese chicken sausage!  Both were exceptional!

Enjoy!  Experiment with Salt! Keep it Real and Simple!

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